Transgender Beauty Contests – Just how fair are they?

When we are younger, let us say 18-30, academically it is well researched that beauty and sexual attractiveness is very important to humans. When we get older, people value independence and mobility – and of course health. Suddenly, the beautiful face matters a lot less, especially when you struggle to get out of bed, or have to rely on a home-help to hoover your floor.

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Transphobia in Gaming

The rise and rise of a new form of transphobia, transphobic gaming.

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First off this is not meant to be a comprehensive study of transgender characters in gaming. I understand they are everywhere from Japanese anime to Second Life. This rather focuses on the big notable game makers that all the others will and have been proven to follow as an example of proof of concept to justify transphobia in gaming.

fg6 Fox

And sadly where this can take a very dark turn if unchallenged.

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Famous Trans – Hindrance or Help? Bruce Jenner/Lana/Kellie/Chaz

Is being Trans* and Famous Self-serving? In the guise of activism?

This month ‘People Magazine‘ have got a great interview with Bruce Jenner (of the Kardashian’s Clan), the ex sports star, actor, motivational speaker, and was a regular reality star, heading the Jenner household as part of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ (endlessly repeated on e4 UK) but now, has finally stated, after a lifetime of ‘dabbling’ with crossdressing, and HRT, and some questionable face-lifts in the early days, that he (as she was then) has been relentlessly ridiculed about, even ‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane has had Bruce in a dress long before now in his cartoons mocking him. So I think this was probably well known inside Hollywood, but to have Bruce state it in interviews herself is finally sealing the deal.

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