Transgender Safety and CCTV

Transgender Safety

Often transgender people report neighbourhood difficulties that can materialise in the form of abuse and or attacks on personal property.

We have witnessed these reports and events first hand and have lost count of those in the forums who have suffered at the hands of yobs and troublemakers.

In some cases it has lead to individuals committing suicide where the intimidation was so great that the individual felt they had no other alternative.

Security of person is important of course and there is a page her we created that can help you with that

In this article we are going to speak about your home and property. Something i have had direct experience with and in my case the police sanctioned what i suggest you do too.  I suffered some problems with young people damaging a wall. We put up a camera to cover the area in question and it stopped. We showed the local officer the camera angles and he was happy. If you are unsure about this its best to ask your local bobby to just take a quick looksee at your camera view so that he can expel anyone complaining that they are being filmed or you are some sort of voyeur. Few do complain though and in my experience the only ones who do are the very people that are causing the problems. The police are not stupid and understand that.


Home security is not cheap, it can cost at least £75 pounds per camera and you may need up to 4 to cover all corners of your home.

Then you will need some sort of DVR to gather this data around the clock. These can be anything up to £400 quid!

Swann Security make very good cameras that are waterproof and can see in the dark, you can save a bit using perhaps an unused PC and adding their USB interface that connects multiple cameras to your PC and around the clock pro surveillance is yours for the taking. It can just be left to get on with it and can run week in and week out, once the drive fills up it goes around again – simple.

You cannot go wrong with a  and a couple of Bulldog CCTV cameras with maybe at least one owl cam (wideangle) on the front of your property (or back).

However for most this is simply not practical, it may be you maybe renting and unable to drill holes in your home, you maybe worried that the erection of cameras may even attract unnecessary attention (it doesn’t after the first week usually as people don’t like to be on camera), or perhaps you cannot afford this type of investment.


There is an option for almost no money you can create a CCTV with a download a program called yawcam, its free 🙂

Then either use your webcam or buy one of these webcams i suggest below used on ebay. Its called a logitech quickcam pro 4000 and due to the recent HD versions launched by Logitech have meant a glut of good quality webcams have flooded the market on ebay and can be had for under a tenner. You need something that can behave well in all lighting conditions but has good night gain. I can personally attest to this camera (Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 Web Cam) and that has been running now in a window for over 7 years and still works! So its a real must have and has a solid base mount too that you can screw to something heavier like a block of wood, or why not gaffa tape it to your window sill?

The bottom line is CCTV is everywhere. It may not stop crime, but it will at least offer you some evidence should it ever happen, and for the most part that’s all the police want these days. If you do not have evidence it is simply your word against theirs.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to add them to the comments section below.


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  1. You can get infrared cameras on ebay for between £10 – £25 which are decent. We use them along with a prog called I-Catcher which is very effective.


  2. depends how dark it is if you have pretty good street lighting a cam with good gain built in is better than infra red thats best kept for complete darkness or very dark conditions like back gardens or alleyways etc

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