Transgender Beauty Contests – Just how fair are they?

When we are younger, let us say 18-30, academically it is well researched that beauty and sexual attractiveness is very important to humans. When we get older, people value independence and mobility – and of course health. Suddenly, the beautiful face matters a lot less, especially when you struggle to get out of bed, or have to rely on a home-help to hoover your floor.

So when we examine the whole issue of beauty contests, age does play a part in how we as a community feel about them.

This month we spoke and challenged Rachael Bailey here about her new Contest.

Click here to watch the interview.

As you will see, from the team who questioned her, we are all older, and see the world a little differently to those that posed the questions.

The main Problems with these types of events

Any beauty event – even if it is not promoted as such does become a beauty show. And this creates ‘benchmarking’.

When we look at the most ‘popular’ transgender people of the moment in the media (they are regularly replaced) they are actually very passable as men and women, and soon become role models. Caitlyn Jenner is just such an example. As is Kellie Maloney.

Most transgender people cannot afford to have the surgery (and the wardrobe) these popular tabloid types have taken advantage of. The vast majority of transgender people have to struggle with how their face was made by god and an NHS GRS. So when Jenner or ‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Laverne Cox swan about, they quickly become placed on a pedestal and the transgender community as a whole are judged and benchmarked against them!

Yet the transgender community could not be more different from them. These are exceptions to the rule in a minority. Like in a room of people who cannot walk, where one person is able to with a frame. The rest although happy for him, do not want carers to then bully them by saying – “WELL HE HAS GOT UP AND WALKED WHY CAN’T YOU?!”

The young attractive trans woman on television gets a similar response from viewers, “LOOK AT HER! SHE WAS MEANT TO BE A WOMAN AS SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE – YOU DON’T!”

Yet that woman has had surgery. And is biologically lucky!

Beauty Contests

A few years ago, a cross-dresser who looked amazing when dressed en femme, entered a Thai Beauty contest – it was filmed for television and we have it archived. She was judged against Thai girls many of who had had surgery. Despite her beauty, she simply could not compete as it was unfairly categorised.

This is a problem over here, and on the increase! How can a woman, trans or not, compete with a 22 year old sex kitten? Cisgender women could not do it, and trans may have to accept that these contests, will just become a no go area for people over 30. And a distant memory for those over 50 – no matter WHAT they have done for the transgender community!

After all cisgender women have had to learn to accept this – and trans women will have to too.



You know when I first heard about another transgender beauty pageant I didn’t really care, it was only when this was a large scale international even that I realised it was more than laugh with a few mates. But when the dust settled and I heard from all those young excited participants – I just though, well you know life is short and one day they will at least have a pleasant and fond memory to show others, that once upon a time they were considered beautiful by their peers! And I quite frankly cannot take that away from them! Can you?

After all, that is all that April Ashley has and she is still trading on it, with exhibitions of her beauty in her youth.

Nothing changes.