Beware the Ides of March! The Month of the Transgender Power Houses!

Wow! It certainly has been one of those months and just when you think nothing much will happen we get busy with a number of projects!

MARCH 2014

Transgender Television Logs

We of course Published January’s  Media Logs here this is a must see if you at all interested in television media!

Julia Grant


Julia had lost her copies of her most famous series and Transgender Zone Archives will replace them. However whilst research for this interview we could not help but create this giggle! It also played nicely into April.

There have been a few spoofs recently and one someone did with Hitler about the UK Gender Clinic which is simply too recent and even libelous. I have dug into the archive for my gag and I think 35 years later this is funny! FEEL FREE TO SHARE!

The Year is 1979 Darth Vader has just took some time out of his whirlwind promotional tour of Star Wars to assess Julia Grant at Charing Cross!

The amazing thing is I have not altered the dialogue in any way this is just how things were in the 70s so think yourselves lucky with the team at CX today!

In 1978 Julia Grant visited the Gender Clinic in London. You can watch our interview with her here. However there has always been an infamous sequence that deserved a satirical twist. courtesy of the transgender zone archives and Mr Lucas we give you Gender Identity Wars by -SAM-!

For more transgender comedy visit – and please like we post a funny every month Sometimes trans need to laugh too!

Watch our Julia Grant Interview here!


I wanted for a long time to catch up with Julia Grant. Very few people can stand and say they change British Television. Well Julia Can! And here is why!

We have a dedicated page to Julia right here so use this link to review her photo album!

Or go straight to the video here and hear her story – it will change the way you think about television and why I feel it has gone downhill!


Y Byd Ar Bedwar!

That is Welsh but it has English subtitles. Our Vlog regular Rona Rees fronted a Welsh language documentary about transgender people. This is a must see and here are the full details and links to the recordings.



ATTACK! Of the Killer Tomatoes!

The net has vulnerabilities and Transgender Zone has managed to escape them pretty much and once every 18 months something slips through. This time is was a little bit of code injected into the header on this very blog. Although I fixed it ASAP it flagged up as a ATTACK SITE in people’s Browsers. This is not an Attck Site. This is because google and others spider the net and if they see something that needs attention they tell us. This is in fact a good thing and happens to the best of them.

You can read the whole story here!


 Janett Scott Resigns as Beaumont PR

Although this is an Early April podcast this has been brewing for sometime.

Janett Scott one of our co-hosts on the Vlog previously the Beaumont Society Press Relations Officers has stepped down. The straw that broke the camel’s back? Well she was winding down her input as she is 80! And no one has given more to the trans community than she! Nevertheless, Sarah Savage wrote a bit of a scathing attack about the Beaumont Society which finally led to a showdown live on our Vlog. You see Transgender Zone does have its uses – even if on this occasion it was as a referee! Watch the episode here I think it is one you will watch completely!



Epic Upgrade

Visit the Transgender Zone Studio

It has not gone unnoticed that Windows XP is now end of life no more support or patches from April 8th! So if you use XP then it might be worth you watching this programme we made that will help you with making XP more secure until you remedy it. We need to think about Microsoft and Skype as they could pull the plug on XP support for that too! So 10 machines had to be upgraded! Thats 48 hours I will never get back!

See you next Month! Bound to be something interesting to say then too until then subscribe to our videos on Youtube here and join our forum!