Grayson Perry to appear at the WOW Women of the World Festival 2014 – 9th March – Book Now!

The multi-award winning artist and television presenter Grayson Perry (see our reviews past programmes in our media section) or click here to search for all our news and reviews of Grayson’s media work.


Following the excellent Reith lectures series there is now an opportunity to see even more in person.

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Artist Grayson Perry will be appearing at WOW – Women of the World festival on Sunday 9 March. He will revisit the sell-out lecture he delivered earlier in the year and discuss what the impact on women would be if his proposed Bill of Rights for Men could be implemented.

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Grayson Perry – Men, Sit Down For Your Rights!
Part of WoW –  Women of the World  Festival 2014
Sunday 9 March at 7.30pm

Grayson Perry revisits his hugely popular lecture about men’s rights.

At Southbank Centre’s Being A Man festival, Turner Prize-winning artist and national treasure Grayson Perry gave his inaugural speech about all things MAN to a sold-out Queen Elizabeth Hall.

While maintaining a sense of comedy, Perry raised issues of equality, the male gaze, macho transvestites and whether the male role is looking a bit threadbare.

He proposed a Bill of Rights for Men, which included the Right to be Vulnerable, and the Right to be Wrong.

Here, Grayson repeats his lecture, followed by a Q and A with Jude Kelly about what this means for women – and if it could be implemented, what impact his bill of rights might have…


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