The end of the pantomime dame? This activist thinks it is time!

The end of the panto dame? This activist thinks it is time!

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:38 pm

Is this the end of the panto dame? Productions do away with characters as they bid to become more politically correct.

The Mail have published this story but despite the rather spoil-sport leanings of the whole thing there is very good reason for this to move on.

My View

OK My mother was a dancing teacher and choreographer in the South West. She produced big theatre shows. She always took me to the many pantomimes all over Devon and Cornwall every year (producers were cliquey). Since about the mid 90s I have been quite vocal about losing ‘the dame’. Replaced with a cisgender or transgender woman instead would be sensible. As it stands, a man comes on in a frock, people laugh at the man because he is wearing a frock – result scarring of transgender kids. And masculine-looking women too.

At first it may seem like a fairy tale (pun intended), but I have spoken to a number of Student Union groups and GLBTi activists at Unis (many Universities link to Transgender zone check them out – ) about their ‘Rag Weeks’ as a result there was quite a fuss over some unis not sanctioning cross-dressing in their activities, as it would be humiliating for transgender students. Many have stopped it and this is an ongoing challenge I am happy to quietly put time into. Many of these uni theatricals will go on to run theatres and produce shows in the West End – you see the advantages in dealing with them now is they carry this forward to the big time.

We only need one or two to break through and everything will change.

We only need one or two to break through and everything will change.

This started to make the news in the noughties. At the time this first happened there was a public outcry of “whatever next?!” Anyone remember this? … rawls.html … -week.html

This is just the beginning! So either get out of the way, or be flooded. I personally have seen enough and I am going to continue to press for this. I have listened to this issue for 17 years and my own life-script bears the scars of ‘The Panto’. Many years later my mother appoligised and said – “But I never knew!”(about me). Of course she didn’t, she was taking me to shows. That’s lovely. But she also hired ‘dames’. And today I think she wouldn’t as I would explain about it, and hopefully she would hire a well know female comedienne instead (trans are still a bit thin on the ground for now sadly). Dwarfs are a minority group that are in demand and many need this annual payment to survive, and you know, when we see a 10 year old roped in to make up the numbers it just does not work. And to me the dame is similar. Many men who play dames are re-hired every year, nepotism and cronyism is more important than quality that’s for sure.

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