Internet Porn Block May take Transgender Casualties!

Ignorance Is Bliss!

The UK Government will force UK ISPs to make adults ‘OPT-IN’ to adult content from the end of this year. New customers will have safe browsing set by default. This will require you opt-in to view adult content, and this may result in a ‘list’ of people somewhere who watch porn being on file – who will possess this list and who will have access to it? “Who cares(!)” many might say, “I am an adult why should I worry?”

According to the Telegraph
“Every internet user in the country will be asked whether they want to have access to pornography, David Cameron will say, as he warns that hardcore images are “corroding childhood”.A joint British and American “task force” will be created to tackle obscene websites, while Google and other search engine providers will be required to draw up a “blacklist” of the most depraved and illegal search terms, the Prime Minister will announce.The initiatives will also include new measures to stop children accidentally stumbling across explicit but legal pornographic images in public places, according to well-placed sources. The six biggest companies providing access to wireless internet in cafés and railway stations have all signed a deal to block legal pornography where children could view it. The roll-out of “family friendly Wi-Fi” is expected to begin from the end of August.”

However, ‘Transgender’ (Transsexual, Ladyboy, shemale etc) as keywords have for sometime already been blocked from internet cafe’s and Educational institutions. Transgender Zone was even blocked from Charing Cross Hospital’s own net cafe – now there’s irony(!) – whilst they perform a GRS a day upstairs!

Yet we maintain a family Friendly site on .com our grown-up section with surgery photos is in our agree-walled separate version.

Many Student Unions are also dismayed by this logic. It makes transpeople sex workers by default and therefore block it!

Whilst adults can and will no doubt just ‘agree’ to this, younger people may find they overnight become ignorant. Finding out about trans-issues is not something many younger people want to share with their parents. They do not become ‘corrupted’ finding out about who they are, they become ‘damaged’ by enduring the abuse of not being who they are. Ironically this may result in them suing the state at some stage as this could be deemed psychological abuse – the topic of the new Neglect law was discussed here.

Many young people we have supported at Transgender Zone over the years, be that listening, supporting or recommending other sites like Mermaids, had to find us in the first place. If all that can find us are adults then this may be a return to the ignorance and fear of the 80s when transpeople had no idea what they were and had no way to find out… And transitioning early maybe again become a thing of the past as no-one will know what it means.

Lastly there is of course surgical images, not all photos of vaginas and penises are for titillation, they can be an important tool (no pun intended) in research for those looking to have surgery, mastectomies, phalloplasty or vaginoplasty. Those images are likely to be blocked.

There is one thing the Gov have not considered, is the use of VPN, or ‘Virtual Private Networks’.

They are stupid if they think blocking anything will work, as young people may actually have more fun getting around  the issue and boasting they have managed to access all this – as historically when they ban something and boy does it become attractive! Be that a ‘Playboy Magazine’ in the hedge found by kids back in the day, or watching your first VHS video of pornography (pre internet), to a sly cigarette with your friends on the swings or to a song banned by the BBC (Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘Relax’, anyone? Went straight to Number 1) When they may have otherwise not been interested.

If you want more info on VPN here are two very good encrypted solutions – and you can surf to your heart’s content 😉

Work Arounds

For a free solution to by-pass your website provider

If you are a heavy user and want a paid solution try proXPN
Here is a review by a leading security expert – he is brilliant and honest btw!

Job done!

Ice Maiden


Transgender Zone VLOG Episode #12 July 29th, 2013 – Nails, Unicycles and UK ISP Porn Block Filters.

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We discuss these stories:
UK ISP Filtering to start end of this year – will this damage the family friendly transgender community?
Tor Project – Anonymity Online!

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