Facial Feminisaztion – Facial Feminization Surgery in the UK – New Library Entry!

Facial Feminisation Surgery outcome carried out in the United Kingdom Results with Mr Keith Altman.

post-ffs-portrait-3tz ©TransgenderZone.com

A great new Library entry about FFS in the UK has been donated by one of our team.

It is important as it shows a middle-aged woman and her result, most results posted by surgeons tend to have quite young people and they cherry-pick their best outcomes.

In the UK we need more opinion from transwomen themselves and have their own photos and their own before and after, not those chosen by surgical websites.

The post is in our library under Facial Feminization Surgery, we have also included the US spelling of Facial ‘Feminization’ Surgery so it is easier to find online and in our search.

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