Transgender Television/Radio that you can take part in?

This is not really podcasting as its more of a media possibility and something we could do – we are looking at it at the moment…’The New Media Revolution.’

OK this is a bit technical so i will keep it really simple

Transgender television chat shows made by us focusing on trans positive issues worldwide 🙂

Hmmm… wot?

OK if anyone here has seen this guy doing this, we can do almost exactly the same but obviously not as elaborate, but we do not need to stream live so it would be skyped in and then captured locally with all the transitions, pip,wipes, fades cuts and so on – so a show filmed live but not broadcast live. This also allows for editing and anonymity post production.

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Leo Laporte uses Skype to talk to the world and has the number one podcast in the world from his dining room

To do this the host uses a few computers, each one runs its own skype, the caller calls that account example skype pc1 pc2 etc…

Then each computer is treated like a camera and this goes to a video mixer, then the mixer sends back the finished result to the caller and they see other people and the mixing as its happening rather than just the host. Audio is recorded though a mixer – as they are separate computers they can all be sent to separate channels – so if one caller is quiet and another is loud this can be adjusted in the mixer rather than relying on skype in other words the conference call is managed by us in the studio not skype. Skype merely provide the connections to individuals.

Of course turn off the cameras and you still have the benefits of the independent audio streams for a common or garden audio podcast.

Ok so what are the advantages of this?

1. it would be watchable – plus you can use another pc to screencapture into the mix and during a call can cut away to say the net and show a webpage scrolling that say a guest runs, the guests could be entrepreneurs, activists, people of note, round table debates, authors, artists, comics, educators or film makers even celebrities? Thus making video quite important as you often need to ‘see’ what they are doing or have done, the fact that you are watching something makes it addictive – this is a visual age – would youtube be as popular if it just did audio? Probably LOL but it would lose a heck of a lot of its advantages. A perfect example is lets say one week we interview and i say the royal we because we can have 3 guests plus the host plus a caller (telephone) all at the same time without you even leaving your seat – this guest is a makeup artist, speech therapist, a surgeon who has images to show – we could preload into the video mixer and show them on screen whilst he is talking – a person who shows you how to style wigs or may have an internet business and we could show their wares and discuss their plans – basically a recorded tv show but expandable in the same way as the ‘new media’ thats currently happening.

2. it would likely become very popular very quickly – this sort of thing does, but especially if it is not a sex business for once – a show that transpeople could actually take part in and comment on themselves

What are the disadvantages?

1. Well the most obvious one is exposure – however, i have seen perhaps a thousand podcasts on youtube with transpeople talking and i couldn’t remember one face if you lined them up in an id parade id not know and guess – so often this fear is overplayed

2. the subject matter is too highbrow for most non trans folk – if there is no sex happening most will probably not even bother looking – our home page has a 50% bounce rate and i am pretty certain that’s people arriving and leaving when they see its not a sex site – of those that remain and of those that would watch a vodcast we are seriously trimming the fat down to possible people who have a genuine interest in the subject or are trans themselves and understand these fears already

3. I think the biggest problem with this is vanity LOL men having to workout and gel their hair before they go on camera LOL girls padding their bras etc. As a person with a face like a bag of spanners and of an age where i am slowly becoming sexually invisible (even if i was beautiful) the host would certainly not take the limelight and upstage the guests.

4. People need skype, a webcam and a headset – but a mic, a nice webcam and a bright light can turn your pc position and background into a news desk at ITN. But again we have the ability to bring in a live caller over the telephone i could bring in two as my hybrid can handle it but i only have one line if it was popular i suppose i could get another number or use skype out as a means to call them.

5. Subject matter – a group of people unfocused shouting and squabbling slamming down phones is not the best way to play the game but could easily happen – think of say Loose Women on ITV imagine each of those women are on a skype connection to the host or the studio, and its still professionally mixed and cut between the participants, although more fragmented it is still a very good show – so the show is only ever going to be as good as the guests.

At the end of the day those that are worried about being identified – see above – then they camera can simply be turned off and they come in as a caller but via skype.

Or we could only use video when video is necessary the rest of the time use audio – of course there is another way

We can do the show the same way but without broadcasting it live so we can see each other and the guests etc but the final program is only uploaded as audio, this makes it far easier to interact a bit like going to a radio studio virtually and chatting to the presenter but you are not broadcast despite the fact they can see you.

This could be quite pioneering and the next step in this AV internet age – you could be a guest on a show talking to people you could have never imagined talking to from the comfort of your armchair and them the comfort of theirs making it very informal and a pleasure to do, were it not for the fact they were promoting themselves you would never have met – interviews with actors and actresses, film makers, you could be sat there asking questions too or we could plan a guest and for one week have people post questions theyd like asked on the show to the special guest when there was no special guest then there can be round table debates with tzoners who like to chat answer agony questions talk about fashion, relationships or agony and so on – new topics come along all the time

This is not going to happen for a long time yet maybe next year as its complicated and expensive to do plus we  need another 6months to digitize our media archives at least – during this time we can debate these issues and ideas

for more on this idea see our forums here and why not vote or give your opinion?

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