Transgender Television Awards 2015 Published

Transgender Television Awards 2015 Published – See who has won!

Transgender Television Awards 2015
 It took a lot of work but a great result for all concerned.
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The Transgender Television Awards are nearly here!

Transgender Television Awards 2014 (published Jan 2015).

Hi we all hope you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New year.

January every year is a little frantic for us as we prepare the Transgender Television Awards for January.

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Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt Invite Transgender People to Engage.

A wall a bit easier to climb?!

It was a very productive meeting organised by Sophia Christina Botha to raise her concerns regarding transgender people with disabilities and for me to ask some probing questions and find out just what exactly is going on here – noone is actually speaking about this beyond, “how great it is!” I have championed Sophia from the outset and feel trans*disability rights is a space she can thrive in. So many trans*people as they age become unwell, or have problems accessing services due to not only being disabled, but also being trans. Sadly, trans*people with disabilities face abuse from not only the public at large, but from within the GLBTIQ community itself.

Stonewall recognises this, and their Chief Executive, Ruth Hunt, addressed many of Sophia’s (and my) concerns regarding the recoupling of GLB & T.

Sophia’s friend and fellow activist, Natasha Kennedy, also took part, and as Sophia explained to me, it is quite a daunting prospect for a person with Asperger’s to engage at this level, which can be stressful, and Natasha Kennedy (pictured right) was a great support. I was brought in on Skype to take minutes and raise additional concerns that many trans*people have spoken about with me privately, some of the questions needed to be asked but Ruth did go off message (which in places did feel well rehearsed) to answer some of these and we got to the nitty-gritty of the issues. Some of which I will go into later along with Ruth’s responses.


Stonewall Oct 2014

Image taken from my perspective after the video conference call. (L) Ruth Hunt (CEO Stonewall), (Middle Top) Samantha Johnson (Transgender Zone), (Middle Bottom) Sophia Christina Botha (Disability Rights Activist), (R) Natasha Kennedy (Transgender Activist).

However, I was impressed with the answers given she shot from the hip, and I did prefer that to the somewhat CEO ‘Apprentice-business speek’, and it also was important to raise a number of concerns about how Non-GLB trans*people (or perhaps a trans couple, whereby a trans-identified man marries a transgender woman, they may now identify as ‘straight’) will sit within this new framework, the whole issue of ‘Gay Licence‘ (see: came into play that she quickly adopted as a term and that is useful (this is important as although I invented the term, unless it is understood beyond this page, it will have little impact). I hope she uses it in a speech sometime – more on that later. Continue reading…



The Future of the Transgender Zone Vlog


We will now run the show Monthly and in-between VLOG Shows we will have 3 weeks (every monday) of informal interaction via or Hangouts.

This will be posted on the Facebook page here every Monday and you can simply click the link posted!

You can join the host of the room and be safe in the knowledge that it is not being streamed live and will NOT be on Youtube!

Just a normal chit chat drop-in group.

Here is the Schedule

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The Story of Transgender Zone

samtz1bub1Hatching Transgender Zone

“A group of friends just trying to help people.”

by Samantha Johnson – Founder.


Before I begin I must thank all those that have contributed, moderated and supported what we have done over the years. And many can be found here:


Boiling the Egg!

It was 1995 when I walked into my GP after returning from France. I lived there for a few years and before that, Spain (Long Story). Mainly renovating houses and bumming around windsurfing.

I sat down and said, “I want to be referred to Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic Please! The reason I knew this existed was because I had watched television, and on an episode of Kilroy (‘the’ studio debating show of the 90s) mentioned it. Of course long before that was Julia Grant. I remembered she went there to. But for her it had not gone so well – I hoped things had changed by now.” When told, the GP’s eyes bulged a little, but he was a good GP and he kinda was tickled a bit by it all and enjoyed learning about all this. However back then just getting funding for this ‘sort of thing’ was let’s say, ‘difficult’ to say the least. ‘The Gender Recognition Act’ was 10 years away, The Judge’s Ruling that stated the NHS must pay for GRS was still many years away. Legislation protecting transpeople in the workplace was still on the drawing board.

rescar8And thus begun a 2 year struggle that almost lead to a Judicial Review, before the Health Authority backed down and paid up! So when you think you struggle today just spare a moment for me and others like me back then. This was where I first contacted Press for Change, a group that had just recently been formed and were eager to use political and legal means to effect change. This was exciting stuff. I felt put upon politically, and was really at my lowest ebb. What did I have to lose? I contacted them and Alex sent me a pile of photocopied posters, booklets and documents. I, like many who supported them went about utilising this to educate local authorities and the Police. The new ‘Metropolitan Guidelines’ on Trans people were brand new. And local police had not heard of them! Continue reading…