Transgender People maybe affected by New Dept of Health Prescribing Guidelines.

It is just possible that you may have noticed some medications disappearing from your repeat prescriptions. We are aware of one example (Gel) which we will list below and that you should challenge this not just accept it!

The DOH wants to save money, in fact it wants to save a LOT of money! One of the ways it plans to save many many millions of pounds is to stop routinely prescribing a number of medications that are available over the counter at pharmacists.

There is an important link to NHS England that further describes this issue at the end of this article.

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Pueraria Mirifica

The transgender community has always been cautious when claims are made with hormones that are not prescription strength. However, sometimes we can be too hasty and not really examine their benefits. The most interesting in recent years has been Pueraria Mirifica. We are often asked about over-the-counter hormone supplements and the one that is gaining considerable merit is Pueraria Mirifica. There is no better way to double check as to its validity than to go and search for and read the clinical trials thats are published by responsible educational institutions and independent medical researchers and there have been many published thus far with very positive outcomes.

The truth is not every trans*person wants to take powerful hormones or transition. Many just need a gentle boost and a more considered focus on improved well-being. It is clear reading the trials that this can achieve this. We have created a page here:

And at the bottom are some links to Pubmed Database trials. If you would like to try this always read our disclaimer here first of course. There we have also linked to a UK based provider who has a very well established and trustworthy record over many years should you wish to investigate this further. Again even if you are not interested read up on this product as you may know a cisgender female who may also benefit from this as so many have done from the research already published.


Gaming and Transphobia


Not sure if this issue has been raised before. But I thought it deserved some discussion on it. Gaming sometimes requires buddies. I am not suggesting you play these but it is an example. Lets take the EPIC title Fortnite or more recent COD Blackout (the Battle Royales that are flooding Twitch. High profile streamers such as Ninja, DrDisrespect and Shroud have made them very popular indeed) not to mention the Youtube video spin offs!

Then there are GTA Role Play servers on FiveM. And many other titles like RUST! ARK and so on. Increasingly game developers want players to buddy up to really take advantage of the games they play. And many will do this on TeamSpeak or Discord and chat out of game. However for many LGBTIQ+ people this can be fraught with problems. Often they are randomly put with another player in say duos or teams and they are often expected to talk in game. Now if the other team member is phobic they will immediately begin the abuse. For a cis woman (DFAB) they can get misogynistic abuse as the abuser questions what women play these games? They must be either gross, useless, or what sadly is increasingly a term used by male teens to abuse trans*women a trap! And this applies to young women who sound feminine. For trans+ women it can be hard going. As many are a little tougher on idiots like this. and the strength they have is interpreted as masculinity and again they jump in. Or if the person sounds or sounds masculine in any traditional sense (as a streamer in appearance or in voice chat on VOIP) again they can be attacked. So no matter who they are or how they present, it can be rough out there.


I think it would be a very good idea to maybe use the traffic of Transgender Zone, Twitter, Facebook and so on to see if we could at least create a list of people and what games they play and find out if this interests them. I know I would rather team up with somebody trans+ in a game and bypass all that crap and just enjoy the immersion rather than being given the third degree by some curious youngster who TBH may actually be nice irl and interested but it can become tiring for many LGBTIQ+ to explain themselves for the 15th time that day (especially if they get shot a lot and are automatched with new people all the time rather than friends or Trans+ buddies! Anyone have any views on this? I think this may go some way in explaining why many transgender women play solo games that involve nobody else! Think about it! 🤔

We have started a debate on Facebook in the Transgender Gamers group here so if this interests you join it and see?!



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